The adventure starts when you at least expect it

United Nations Abgeordnete mit Tochter.

There is this German movie – I don’t remember its name – in which two professionally ambitious parents are fighting over shares of child care. At some point she yells at him: „And WHERE do you think will I find the clients I need, huh? In the playground maybe??!!“

Ask me this question. My answer is: YES. Media quite often portray parenthood as career-killer. Well, be it false or true, let me put things into another perspective. I got professionally boosted right thanks to my children – notwithstanding the often-stated fact that as parent you will develop such precious skills like to be a great communicator, negotiator, mediator, a superstar in time and project management, in self-organization etc. pp.

I actually met 70% of my active professional network directly or indirectly through my children. The chains are amazing.
Thanks to Bettie, a successful coach and trainer, whom I met at this Pekip baby-group in 2009, I got into contact with that first history agency. This got me to another project with a French agency, which in turn made me meet the intercultural consultant I am now regularly working with. This is the first chain.
The second chain starts with my friend Kirsten, whom I met in that same baby group. She put me in touch with the photographer Stephanie Kunde who in turn introduced me to her friend Susanne, a corporate film producer among many things. Thanks to Susanne, I got in touch with a group of copywriters and media producers right at the moment when I started developing a social business which is today in its starting gates. At the 5-6 pm musical education class with my boy, I met this daddy who is a musician and composer and another mum who is employed in a major media group. They are already part of the project.

Also, I am not alone in this entrepreneurial adventure, but am marching side by side with Melina Garibyan – an amazing communicator, networker, polyglot…and mommy at our Kindergarden, the third chain. Our graphic designer? A great guy. I met him because he is a daddy. And I just had this wonderful conversation with the Belgian journalist Marie, mummy of two, who made me want to write this. She, too, is already part of the story – n’est-ce pas Marie?

I met those people because we had the curiosity to say more than hi and goodbye while dropping off or picking up the kids at preschool. And because I live in a country where you actually do meet parents in playgrounds and at afternoon activities. And, last but not least, because I like those parents who feel the same urge to change subject „smile“-Emoticon I know it to be a great privilege. Today I feel sooo privileged.